Casino Royale Sportsbook Review 2023

Casino Royale is a small and high energy low-end casino right in the middle of the strip. It has a great location and is in between other major properties. Its location is key, and outside of it is a sign advertising that it has sports betting.

Casino Royale Sportsbook

The sportsbook is by William Hill, except it isn’t an actual sportsbook as there is only a single betting window and they don’t handle any horse racing. You’ll find the sign for sports betting as soon as you walk in. Besides it is all of the pamphlets like you’d see in any other sportsbook advertising that day’s action as well as upcoming events, futures, and props.

Since it’s just a drop-in betting spot, no drink tickets are given out. But there is a video poker bar right behind that has a bunch of TVs and at the back of the casino is a food court. Most bettors who come in usually know what they want, so there is no betting board.

The Requirements

No account is needed unless you are planning to bet upwards of $500, in which case you would have to sign up with a player’s card. This is also required if you are planning to make any prop bets or do any in-game betting in excess of $250. In-game betting is betting on games already in progress and occurs most commonly at William Hill betting locations.

Player Rewards

You can swipe in your player’s card every time you bet so there is documentation. That way if you lose your ticket you can still get paid out provided no one already found it and cashed it in. The other advantage, albeit a small one is you earn $5 in comps for every accumulated $5,000 you bet.

Casino at Casino Royale

Here you’ll find all your typical table games and plenty of slots. Since it’s tailored to those looking to drink and casually play, betting limits start at $5 and on some nights crap games will be going for as little as $3.


Simply put, it gets the job done. It is easily accessed, the rules are clear, and simple to dip in and dip out.

Current 2020 Sports Betting Grade: A

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