Guide to Sports Betting

Sports betting was once a relatively simple topic. Until the invention of the spread, there were only a handful of ways to bet on sporting events. Modern sports betting, however, is very advanced and can become quite complicated and even intimidating; especially if you are new to it. The Current Sports Betting guide covers everything from basic topics to very advanced strategies and approaches to betting on sports.

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Types of Sports Bets

Basic Sports Betting Topics

If you have never placed a sports bet or are trying to understand the various nuances that go into gambling on sports, our basic, intro level topics are an efficient way to learn the ins and outs of the betting world. In this section of articles you will be able to learn the most basic elements of sports betting, like the types of bets that are available to you, how to read odds, and what happens in the event of ties or overtime. 

Sometimes even experienced sports bettors do not realize certain relatively basic facets of betting on games. For example, some parlay bets may be voided under one circumstance, but a wager may count in another. Or, you may not realize that a tie is a push in most major team sports, but in boxing it would be considered a loss (unless you bet on a draw, of course). All of our articles in the intro level section will allow you to understand everything you need to know in order to bet sports like an experienced professional. Once you have the fundamentals down, you can then move into the more advanced topics that we have included.

Advanced Sports Betting Topics

After you learn *how* to place a bet and determine odds, the next logical progression is to practice on improving your craft. Instead of simply knowing what a bet is for and how much you stand to win, you can start to find small edges where possible, allowing you to potentially become a long term winner when betting on sports. Is this easy to do? No, it most certainly is not, and anyone who tells you beating sports betting is easy is not telling you the truth. With that said, there are a number of tactics and approaches that, especially over the long term, can work towards significantly improving your overall ROI, or at the very least, reducing your total losses.

There are no shortage of in-depth sports betting topics to become familiar with. You may not even realize that there are ways to lock in a win on a wager you already placed while also making an additional bet that could net you an even greater profit. Maybe you didn’t know that certain sites charge more vig than others, or that a certain site is more known for its propensity for offering odds and lines that are better for “public” bettors but much worse for “sharp” bettors. We break down the ways that you can get the most bang for your buck once you start to advance in your sports betting skill sets.

Online vs. Betting at Casino Sportsbooks

Some of the topics covered in our dynamic sports betting guide are only applicable to either betting at online sportsbooks or at a physical book within a casino. For example, online sportsbooks routinely offer promotions, deposit bonuses and other benefits that you will very rarely find in an actual casino sportsbook. Conversely, you won’t be able to shop for a line offered by MGM if you live in the middle of the country with no casino to visit. Sometimes sports betting strategy is dependent on your particular wagering options.

In addition, some strategies and topics covered will become much more effective if you have access to both a number of physical sportsbooks as well as a variety of online bookmakers. The best and most active sports bettors in the world never limit themselves to just a few places where they can find action, and in fact they will ensure that they have what could amount to dozens of books that they could be placing wagers at. This is important to take into consideration with any strategy; especially those that require looking at multiple lines or higher bet sizes.

Understanding How to Apply Betting Strategies

One of the recurring themes to any type of sports betting strategy is both responsibility and experience. If you do not properly understand a topic and/or do not think you have either the financial or emotional control to execute a strategy correctly, you are better off not trying at all. For example, if you attempt to apply a “middle” bet in order to try and win two bets instead of one, you will very often end up with a break even result, or even a small loss because of the vig. If this is going to upset you, there is no sense in taking the relatively small, long term edge. The key to sports betting strategy is knowing which strategies make sense and at which times.

It is also worth noting that some strategies in sports betting will make more sense in some events more than others. If you are betting on smaller market leagues or games, you will have less leverage with your existing and future action. For the most part, betting strategies tend to work under the assumption that you are betting on larger exposure events or matches. With that said, sometimes a random and more lightly bet game will provide more winning opportunity than any other bet. Sports betting is almost always a product of relativity.

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